4 Essential Tips for New Drivers from Driving School Burke VA

You reach one big milepost in your lifetime when you learn how to drive and successfully pass the test. Nonetheless, it can be nerve-wracking also for new driving, which is just getting behind the wheel. Correct knowledge and driving techniques will make you a safe and confident rider. If you are an adolescent getting a learner’s driving license or an adult who has never thought of driving, proper training from a trained professional in a driving school is important. Driving School Burke VA has outlined 4 critical safety strategies new drivers should know in order to navigate their roads successfully and safely.

Use Your Turn Signals

One of the mistakes that newly trained drivers make is the inability to use turn signals right. It’s too simple to miss out when you’re busy with loads of other activities, like checking mirrors and turning the wheel. However, irrespective of situations, using your turn signals every time you change lanes or make a turn is essential. Moreover, it is the law and it indicates to other drivers that you have a certain objective to attain, avoiding accidents. Get used to the idea of engaging the turn signal well in advance, about several seconds prior to you actually turn or switch the lanes. This simple act of flicking your signal lever helps other motorists anticipate your moves, adjust their speed, and maintain safe distances.

Come to Complete Stops

The other typical imperfection is the “California stop,” which indicates the state that drivers roll their vehicle through a stop sign without bringing it to a full stop. Stopping at the red lights or the stop signs is essential even when the intersections look clear. Stop completely regardless of the red lights or the stop signs. Scan all directions for pedestrians, cyclists, and any hidden crossing traffic before accelerating. Rushing through stops to save a few seconds or assuming the right of way could lead to catastrophic results. Allowing time to fully assess, stop, look both ways and then go ensures you proceed safely. Consistently adhering to complete stop procedures is vital for new drivers to establish smart driving habits.

Adjust Your Speed

Speed limit signs demonstrate the legal maximum speeds but not necessarily the safest speeds under actual weather conditions. On the other hand, it’s prudent of you to travel at speeds that are 5-10 mph less than the current speed limits until you gain experience gauging appropriate speeds which are influenced by rain, traffic, curves, construction zones, etc.

Speeding dramatically reduces your reaction time to prevent collisions in variable road conditions. Excess speed also accounts for the severity of accidents. By mindfully monitoring your speedometer and adjusting slower speeds for conditions, you allow more time to respond and avoid hazards. Slower speeds also help new drivers gradually acclimate to scanning the road effectively while operating the vehicle.

Minimize Distractions

It can be tempting to want to change the radio station, eat a snack, or chat with friends in the car. However, any distraction you add while driving dramatically increases accident risks for new motorists. Even experienced drivers can lose focus momentarily while multi-tasking behind the wheel. Wait until safely stopped to program your GPS, insert headphones, or interact with passengers. Keep your eyes steadily scanning between all mirrors and roadways, without portable devices in hand. Maintaining this singular focus while steering greatly minimizes reacting dangerously to sudden braking or debris ahead. Over time, addressing every distraction immediately trains your brain to zero in solely on the driving task for safety.


Learning to drive opens new worlds of independence and convenience in your life. By being proactive and getting professional driver’s education from qualified instructors at Driving School Burke VA, new drivers can establish critical skills and road readiness.

Applying safe habits such as signaling turns, full stops, smart speed choices and avoiding distractions lays the groundwork for many years of confident, secure driving abilities. As challenges arise in navigating new routes or situations, rely on the solid core safety foundations built with proper training. Reference the essential tips above to reinforce positive muscle memory and decision-making while operating a vehicle. 

Congratulations on achieving your driver’s permit or license! Remember, stellar driving starts with the essentials covered above. When in doubt, refocus on the core defensive and responsible practices modeled for you by https://www.ezdrivingschoolva.com/. Safe travels on your journey ahead!