8 Tips to Complete CA Inter Study Material 30 Days Before Exam

CA Intermediate is the second level of the CA exams and is quite tough to clear if you don’t have the right strategy and proper planning. Clearing the intermediate exams is very important as once you clear it, you will be eligible for CA articleship and then the CA Final exams. It is very important to start covering the entire CA Inter Study Material from day one since the CA Inter syllabus is extensive. 

There are eight subjects as per the existing scheme, divided into two groups of four subjects each. Hence, it is very important that you start preparing for the exam from day one. However, there might be some circumstances when you won’t be able to focus on studying from day one or you wish to fast-track your preparation during the last 30 days. For better preparation, it is important that you join a proper CA Inter coaching. VSI Jaipur is the leading CA coaching offering both online and offline classes for all CA Levels. With a track record of students scoring AIRs and excellent scores, VSI Jaipur is the leading choice of all CA aspirants. 

Now, let’s have a look at how you can complete ICAI study material CA Inter in the last 30 days. 

Eight Tips To Complete ICAI CA Inter Study Material In The Last 30 Days

1. Have a strategic plan in place

Since you have limited time for preparation, it is very important that you must create a doable and realistic study plan. You must have a study plan that you can follow. When you create a study plan, it is important that you divide your time into proper study hours, revision, and mock tests. 

We suggest studying for one particular group and then appearing on the exams. Don’t make the mistake of studying for two groups during these last 30 days. Focus on one group and prepare well. 

2. Follow ICAI’s study material 

CA Inter students have access to vast study material. However, relying only on the ICAI’s official  CA Inter Study Material is crucial. The study material is comprehensive, relevant, and designed specifically for the exam. Also, it helps in avoiding wasting time on irrelevant or outdated content. Also, it ensures that you stay aligned with the examiners’ expectations, question patterns, and expected questions for the exam.

3. Prioritize topics that carry high weightage in theCA inter Study Material

Take the CA Inter syllabus and start analyzing and identifying topics and concepts that carry high-weightage. Since during the last 30 days, it won’t be possible to complete each subject’s ICAI inter-study material; you need to focus on the concepts with high weightage. Also, if you have time available, you can focus on other topics too. 

4. Practice regularly the CA Inter Study Material  

When preparing for CA inter exams, it is important that you put into the habit of practising regularly. When preparing for CA Inter accounts study material or any other practical subjects, it is always important that you put into the habit of practising. Practising there will help you to solve problems since you have an idea about the variety of problems and questions that you can expect during the exams.

5. Attend mock test series 

When preparing for the CA Inter Study Material, it is important that you appear for the mock test series. You must try solving several mock tests and sample papers as possible within the 30-day. Regular practice not only improves your speed and accuracy but also boosts your confidence. Also, through mock tests, you can identify your weak areas and also work on strengthening those areas. 

6. Always remain committed and avoid distractions

During ICAI CA inter-study material preparation, it is always important that you must always commit yourself to your studies and avoid any distractions. The last 30 days are very important, and you must spend every minute wisely. Study hard and avoid any kind of distractions like social media, phones, emails, etc. 

7. Have time for revision to CA Inter Study Material 

Revision is very important when you are covering the CA Inter Study Material. Hence, you must have sufficient time for revision after you complete each chapter. Start revising thoroughly, and don’t miss any concepts. Revisions will help you to memorize things better, and it is better to prepare your own notes when sitting for revision. Revising well will boost your confidence and help you to score better. 

8. Have a healthy lifestyle 

When preparing for CA Inter exams, it might be exhausting. However, it is important that throughout these 30 days, you have enough sleep, do light exercises, and eat clean. A healthy body and clear mind will help you focus better. 


So this is how you can complete the entire CA Inter Study Material within 30 days. Don’t stress yourself, and try to cover as much as possible. Good luck with your exams!

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