An Overview of Technology and Innovation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for leisure and entertainment; it’s also where business meets pleasure. Technology and innovation have seamlessly integrated into the city’s modern infrastructure.

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Las Vegas is largely known for its glamorous nightlife and high-stake casinos, though it’s also among the greatest tech centers of the world. It is the city that never sleeps – digital innovation has taken the entertainment and leisure scene to new heights. Las Vegas receives over 40 million visitors every year, and a huge fraction of them are there to attend elite tech conferences. The 3.2 million-square-foot convention center in Vegas provides ample physical space to accommodate the rush at popular tech events. The city’s booming tech ecosystem is powered by high-speed broadband internet providers like Cox Las Vegas. It is also equipped with a revolutionary wireless network, so communication is never delayed because of the extraordinary traffic at various venues on special occasions.

Vegas Tech Summit

Vegas hosted the second Tech Summit in October last year where dozens of tech leaders and stakeholders gathered to network. Among the influential spokespersons was Cherng, the billionaire CEO of Panda Express. He discussed several trending technologies and mainly emphasized the future of artificial intelligence. The Vegas Tech Summit was originally founded by Teddy Liaw, current CEO of NexRep. He moved to the city from San Francisco not long ago because of its entrepreneurial spirit. He believed that launching the summit here would be a major step towards attracting a bigger tech crowd and showing them that this is a promising place to bring their business.

The Biggest Tech Event

The Consumer Electric Show (CES) is known to be the biggest and most formidable tech event across the globe. Therefore, given that it’s held in Las Vegas every January, it’s safe to say that the city is a prime location for major tech conferences. CES hosts more than a hundred thousand people every year, which is why thousands of showrooms are prepared to display consumer products, provide technological demos, and arrange for speeches or presentations by influential people and companies in the tech industry. The event combines business with the city’s glitz and glamor, which seemingly appeals to a massive audience. Everyone from tech engineers and developers to suppliers and manufacturers gather for this event to network, find investors, or look for promising ventures to invest in. Since the CES attracts a lot of traffic, something had to be done to accommodate travelers and attendees. The Vegas Loop, an underground transportation system, was established to provide easy and quick commute; it can transport about 90 thousand passengers per hour.

Dedicated District

In recent years, the Las Vegas downtown area has been equipped with technology that promotes efficacy, safety, and sustainability. A dedicated district for technological development shows that the local city planners and officials are strong believers in innovation. The district is focused on a variety of technological sectors, including an expansive fiber-optic internet infrastructure and renewable energy. The public sector is not solely responsible for the city’s technological advancements; many notable private tech startups have also contributed to transforming the region into a tech hub. A few prominent names to move business to Las Vegas include Zappos, Rakuten Super Logistics, and Textbroker.

Modern Hotels

Vegas hotels beautifully represent how innovative technology can be used to enhance the overall experience of visitors. Having everything at one’s fingertips and being able to speak to your devices to get stuff done is the kind of convenience customers appreciate. Long gone are the days when you had to wait in a long line to check in at your designated Vegas hotel. Now you can take care of everything from your smartphone, so there’s no need to communicate with real people, such as the hotel management; unless you prefer it that way. Many hotels offer the privilege of ordering food from your phone and even regulating the room temperature with the click of a button. Automation of tedious tasks not only adds convenience to the guest’s stay but also minimizes staff duties and reduces the need for hiring extra help during the high-traffic season. Using a smartphone app to communicate with the hotel staff and using a provided tablet for room service is not new to the average Vegas hotel. Some of the modern tech additions at high-end hotels include keyless rooms. This implies that you can unlock a booked room directly from your phone, so you can settle in without stopping at the front desk. It appears that minimizing face-to-face interaction with other human beings puts us at ease; thanks to technology for making it possible.

What’s Next?

A robot bartender at a Vegas club has already gained a great deal of attention from visitors. Customers can order a cocktail through a tablet and watch the robot mix the chosen drink for them. Despite being fun to watch, the bar robot does not look like someone you can vent to. The next best thing could be a robot butler, maybe? What kind of innovative technology would you like to witness during your next trip to Vegas? Do you think cutting-edge technology complements the conventional showiness of the city?


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