Benefits and use of export credit insurance

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A variety of innovative insurance products have come up in India over the years to meet very specific needs of businesses and individuals. Fertility insurance in Delhi, India, for instance, covers IVF-related expenses and helps you experience the joy of parenthood. A wide range of innovative risk management solutions are also available for modern businesses, like export insurance.

It is important for businesses to have insurance when exporting from India so that they can plan and mitigate risks associated with international trade. Getting an Export insurance in Delhi would provide you with a sense of security, and help expand your export business without much hassles.  Export credit insurance is meant to protect Indian exporters from the discerning risks associated with exporting to international  markets. The benefits of such insurance solutions are many, including:

  • Provides financial protection to exporters from non-payment or delayed payment by importers
  • Makes it easier for exporters to provide competitive credit terms to customers or importers
  • Helps exporters to effectively expand their business to new markets
  • Lowers the financial risk associated with exporting
  • Improves cash flow by making sure of timely payment for exports
  • Offers access to financing from banks and other financial institutions
  • Improves the credibility and reputation of the exporter

Export credit insurance offered by the leading Corporate insurance agency in Delhi NCR covers a variety of risks. Here are some of the risks covered by export credit insurance:

  • Commercial risk: This refers to the risk that the importer might not pay for goods or services due to insolvency, bankruptcy, or default.
  • Political risk: This type of risk arises when payments are not made due to political events such as war, revolution, or currency transfer restrictions.
  • Contract frustration risk: This is the risk that payment will not be made because the importer breaches the contract.
  • Currency risk: This refers to the risk of foreign currency fluctuations causing a loss for the exporter when converting the payment back to their home currency.

If you are in the business of exporting goods and raw materialist would be a good idea to avail export insurance, or export credit insurance. After all, it lowers the payment risk associated with foreign trade.