Bike Handlebar: Let’s Explore Its Types

The bicycle handlebars have seen major modifications throughout the years. Comfort and efficiency can be greatly affected by shape, angle and basic qualities. In this post, we’ll talk about a variety of bike handlebars, where they’re most popular and why they take the shape that they do.

Riser bar

The most popular and basic kind of bicycle handlebars are riser bars, often known as upright bars.

Their unique feature is a bar that dips in the centre and rises at the ends, elevating the rider’s hands over the seat. The brake levers are positioned where the fingers naturally rest, whereas the gear levers are where the thumbs operate.

These are the handlebars you’ll find on most hybrid bikes and bikes used by commuters in the city. Although the flat bar form of bikehub MTB handlebars has been gaining popularity as of late, riser bars are still available.

mountainj bike

Drop bar

Drop bars are the most popular alternative to flat bars.

The rider is set up aerodynamically to minimise drag and maximise speed. Therefore, they are often only seen on racing bikes, such as road, gravel and cyclocross models. In addition, many touring bikes include drop bars, which allow the rider to use a variety of hand positions.

Flat bar (Straight bar)

Common on mountain bikes, hybrids and fixies, flat bars are the simplest kind of straight handlebars.

Some fixie bikes don’t have brake or gear levers, but most have grips on both ends with levers at your fingers.

Moustache (Cruiser)

The Moustache bar is a particular kind of cruiser handlebar that encourages a more upright riding position and a more relaxed pace.

It’s the kind of handlebar you’d find on the kind of low, relaxed bike you’d see roaming the boardwalks of every major city in the globe.

The handlebar is ‘moustache-like’ in appearance, with the ends curved back to place the rider’s hands at a relaxed 45-degree angle. This kind of handlebar is only seen on leisurely cruiser motorcycles because, although pleasant, it compromises control at higher speeds.

High rise (Monkey bar)

A high-rise handlebar, often known as a “monkey bar” or “ape hanger,” positions the rider’s hands in a dangling posture far above the ground.

Bicycles with ape hanger handlebars are common on BMX models and stylish cruiser bikes, which gained popularity due to vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The huge U-shaped body is the most striking feature of its design, with the handles protruding from the sides. Single-speed bikes often have just one front brake lever and no gear changers because of the rear coaster brake.

Similarly, there is a bicycle wheel. You can find it in a wide variety of styles. Order your bike today!

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