Boost your credit score to get instant personal loans

To get an instant personal loan, you can try the following proven ways to boost your credit score in less time-

1. Keep a tab on your credit reports to rectify the errors

You should always keep checking your credit score and reports frequently. Checking them is important as it will help you to spot the errors and fix them at the earliest possible. You can check your free credit report and score by taking the help of the Fintech portals.

2. Always clear your outstanding payments

To get qualified for any kind of credit products, lenders will first have a look at your previous payment history. If they have found that you were regular in paying your outstanding credit card bills and loan EMIs on time. Your loan approval chances will become very high.

3. Never overutilize your credit card limit

Try to keep your credit utilization ratio as low as possible, usually up to 30%. It is important to do because maxing out the credit card limit will affect your credit score adversely.

5. Use your credit card wisely

Credit cards are one of the most powerful financial tools which can help you to meet your sudden financial expenses. So, if you are a credit cardholder, you should know how to make their best use. It will help you to improve your credit history. Make sure that you pay all your outstanding credit card bills in full and on time instead of paying the only minimum due amount. If you will not do so, then you will have to pay hefty interest charges later.


Getting a personal loan in today’s era is not a daunting task. With the advent of Fintech organizations like IndiaLends, you can easily avail of personal loans and tackle your immediate financial expenses. Make sure you do not forget to check your free credit score before applying for personal loans and comparing personal loan interest rates from different lenders. Besides this, you should also estimate the overall cost of your loan beforehand using the personal loan EMI calculator on our website.

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