Different Types Of Custom Cone Sleeves For Ice-Cream Brands

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Ice creams are highly popular chilled sweet edibles in the food market all over the world. Custom cone sleeves make ice cream eating convenient and pleasurable. These cone-shaped sleeves come in different varieties that need specific types of cone sleeves. You can customize them as per your own requirement according to your budget and design ideas.

You can select any suitable material that is perfect for creating your brand’s ice cream sleeves. If the packaging material of your sleeves is perfect for your products, then you can create outstanding and compelling wraps for your ice cream products. They also attract customers to your products and urge them to try your ice creams. There are different materials are used to craft waffle cone sleeves. Some of the most trending materials are as follows:

Types Of Cone Sleeve Materials

  • Paper/Cardboard Cone Sleeve
  • Plastic Cone Sleeves
  • Aluminum Cone Sleeves

If you are an ice cream-selling brand then you can use any of them as per your own design requirements which suits your product and the brand.

Custom Waffle Cone Sleeves

Ice cream waffle sleeves are designed to cater to the customers’ needs. These sleeves are made of magazine paper or Kraft paper. You can easily personalize them as per your specific design requirements. For instance, you can print these details on your ice cream sleeve:

  • Your company logo
  • Essential product details
  • Special messages
  • Special quotes and taglines
  • Brand logo and storylines

You also can add catchy embellishments on ice cream cones such as glossy coating and metalized foiling with lucrative designs.

These finishes give your waffle sleeves an enticing outlook. Furthermore, you can shape them in any way you like and use different die-cut techniques for that purpose. You can personalize your ice cream cone sleeves according to the size of your ice cream waffle.

Let’s dig into the details about some of the top materials that are trending in the market for creating custom design ice cream like gelato cone sleeves:

1- Paper/Cardboard Sleeve

Paper and thin cardboard cone sleeves provide extensive protection to the products. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable that easily disposed of into the soil after a specific time of their disposal. Moreover, these sustainable sleeves don’t negatively impact nature and protect the environment from pollutant elements that are also harmful to living beings’ health.

They are easy to print with different colorful designs and embellishments. You can add any design on the surface of the sleeve using protective lamination, coating, and printing. In addition, you can specifically design custom cone sleeves for different occasions. These occasions can be a birthday party, marriage ceremony, new year’s night, Christmas, Easter, and any other event.

2- Plastic Cone Sleeves

Plastic ice cream sleeves are also highly used in the market that protect the ice cream from melting more than other types of sleeve stocks. They are more sturdy than paper sleeves for ice creams and keep them safe for extended periods of time. These are easy to personalize in any size, shape, and design as per your specific design requirements. You can use different finishes and add-ons on them that make them more efficient and professional. Though, if you need eco-friendly ice cream cone packaging then using cardboard waffle cone sleeves is the best option for you.

3- Aluminum Cone Sleeves

Custom cone sleeve made of aluminum sheets is highly popular in the market. They are also a protective wrapping option for ice cream cones. Like other stocks, you can customize them as per your specific design requirements. Moreover, these aluminum ice cream sleeves are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option to plastic cone sleeves 

Wrapping Up The Whole Blog

Above are the key details which can help you create perfect cone sleeves for your ice cream products. When you decide about choosing a specific design and material for making custom cone sleeves. You also can browse more online resources for designing your cone sleeves with different details, themes, color schemes, and finishes that make them look professional in the food market.


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