Empower Your Financial Life With Free Credit Report

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A Credit reports makes you know about your credit score. It is considered one of the most important aspects of financial life. It is a three-digit number, comes by analyzing your credit history and how well you are managing your finances. It represents your creditworthiness from institutionalized lenders like NBFCs and banks. One needs to understand that it is a must to work on the credit score from time to time to take care of better future borrowing needs. Online you can easily generate a free credit report and achieve your financial goals.

Advantages of Free Credit Report?

• It helps in building a credit score. Provide you the tips for the same.
• It helps in controlling your financial credit.
• It helps in catching identity theft and makes it easier to control the situation and fix the problems.
• Mistakes made by even large companies so free credit report ensures that creditors are giving correct information about your balances.
• In case you got recently married or divorced, make changes in your name and employers pull your credit history as a part of the hiring process.
• Understanding the reasons for Credit Card rejections.
• It helps in making better financial planning for the future.

Factors which are important in building up credit score

When it comes about the calculation of credit score, there are certain parameters which needs to keep in mind which are mentioned below:

• Payment history
• Credit utilization
• Credit age
• Different types of credit
• Number of inquiries

Each of these parameters has its importance in creating a good credit score. Online there is a facility available to check free credit score with any financial institution or NBFCs either for a personal loan or a credit card.

How to Get a Free Credit Report?

Online you just need to fill a Credit Report application. Once the application is received and verified, you will get a free credit report.

Documents which need to be submitted:

• Identity Proof (Passport, Voter ID or PAN Card)
• Address Proof

If you are willing to access a credit report for free? Before you share your details with a little known third party remember you can get it directly from the credit information companies (CIC). You are entitled to receive one report per year from each CIC— TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, and High Mark. However, if we talk about third-party fin-tech portals such as offer customers access to more than one free Credit report along with some other services. The best part of getting Credit Report is that there are no hidden charges.

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