Exploring the Advantages of Rogowski Coils: Top-Rated Picks


In the realm of electrical engineering, measurement and monitoring are vital components for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of various systems. Rogowski coils have emerged as indispensable tools for accurate current measurement in a wide range of applications.

Known for their flexibility, accuracy, and ease of installation, Rogowski coils have gained prominence as top-rated current sensing devices.

In this article, we delve into the world of Rogowski coils, their working principles, and highlight some of the top-rated Rogowski coils available on the market.

Understanding Rogowski Coils

A Rogowski coil, named after the Polish physicist Walter Rogowski, is a type of flexible current sensor used to measure alternating current (AC). It consists of a coiled conductor wound around a core, typically air or other non-magnetic materials.

Unlike traditional solid-core current transformers (CTs), Top rated Rogowski Coil offer several advantages, including their lightweight, flexible nature, and their ability to easily encircle a conductor without requiring physical contact.

Working Principle

The working principle of a Rogowski coil is based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. When an alternating current flows through the conductor encircled by the Rogowski coil, a varying magnetic field is generated.

This changing magnetic field induces a voltage across the coil’s windings, which is then measured and converted into a current signal using appropriate electronics.

Advantages of Rogowski Coils

  1. Flexibility and Ease of Installation: Rogowski coils are inherently flexible, allowing them to be wrapped around irregularly shaped conductors without interrupting the current flow. This attribute makes them easy to install in cramped spaces or retrofit into existing systems.

  2. Wide Frequency Range: Rogowski coils exhibit a broad frequency response, making them suitable for measuring both low and high-frequency AC currents.

  3. Minimal Magnetic Hysteresis: Unlike traditional current transformers with magnetic cores, Rogowski coils do not exhibit magnetic hysteresis. This characteristic ensures accurate and linear current measurements over a wide range.

  4. No Saturation Effects: Traditional CTs can experience saturation when exposed to high currents, leading to inaccuracies. Rogowski coils, however, are immune to saturation effects, ensuring reliable measurements even under demanding conditions.

  5. Reduced Burden: Rogowski coils have low primary-to-secondary winding turns ratio, resulting in minimal load on the measured circuit (burden), which is particularly advantageous in high-current applications.

Top-Rated Rogowski Coils

  1. LEM IT 405-S: This Rogowski coil from LEM is widely recognized for its outstanding performance and accuracy. With a wide frequency range and a flexible design, the IT 405-S is suitable for various applications, including power monitoring and industrial automation.

  2. Sentron PAC4200: The PAC4200 Rogowski coil from Siemens offers excellent accuracy and compatibility with their power monitoring equipment. Its compact design and reliable performance make it a top choice for energy management systems.

  3. NK Technologies APT Series: NK Technologies’ APT series Rogowski coils are known for their ease of installation and exceptional accuracy. These coils are commonly used in motor control centers, switchgear, and renewable energy systems.

  4. CR Magnetics CR5210 Series: CR Magnetics’ CR5210 series Rogowski coils are designed for precision current measurement in various aimdynamics industrial settings. With an emphasis on accuracy and durability, they are well-suited for demanding applications.


Rogowski coils have revolutionized the field of current measurement with their flexibility, accuracy, and ease of installation.

As technology continues to advance, these top-rated Rogowski coils provide engineers and technicians with invaluable tools for accurate current sensing in a wide range of applications.

Whether in power distribution, industrial automation, or energy management, Rogowski coils have proven themselves as reliable and indispensable components in the modern electrical engineering toolkit.

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