Glass Curtains® for Balconies: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of getting Glass Curtains® for your balcony but unsure if they will be a good
investment? Worry not, because we’re here to answer some of your questions about this
modern panel system to ensure that you’re making the right decision!

Glass Curtains® are a retractable glass panel system designed for homes, commercial spaces, and retail stores, used as an alternative to curtains and sliding homes across selected properties in Singapore.

Check out our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Glass Curtains® below!

How do Glass Curtains® work?

Just like the curtains and sliding doors you have at home, Glass Curtains® make partitions between rooms, prevent outdoor elements (such as dust, rain, and pests) from entering your home, help regulate sunlight, and reduce outdoor noise.

Additionally, Glass Curtains® offer protection against extreme weather because they’re
designed to withstand (and have been tested against) different weather conditions in Singapore, including tropical storms.

They’re similar to the glass panels often seen at malls, but the difference is that they’re bottomweighted, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This is why even offices and retail spaces use them.

What are the benefits of Glass Curtains®?

Installing Glass Curtains® comes with all sorts of advantages, from increasing your living space to making your home feel cosier and more comfortable for everyone.

Glass Curtains® are great for balconies because they turn them into an additional living space where you can hang out anytime, regardless of the weather. Just head out to the balcony if you’re tired of spending too much time inside!

Thanks to their thickness, they’re effective in reducing outdoor noise by at least 25 dB. This also makes them excellent at insulting a space and regulating the energy needed for cooling down and heating a room.

Perhaps the best benefit of having Glass Curtains® is the undisturbed views of the city that you can enjoy without stepping out of your home.

How long do Glass Curtains® last?

According to ClimaShield Solutions, another reason why Glass Curtains® are an amazing
investment is that they’re built to last.

Made with tempered glass panels with a thickness of 10mm, Glass Curtains® are strong
enough to hold out against Singapore’s most extreme weather.

The glass panel’s surface compression, impact performance, and fragmentation have been
tested and passed US, German, and Singapore standards. You won’t have to worry about

Additionally, since Glass Curtains® are bottom-weighted, what connects them to the ground are full Teflon strips for a smooth and quiet gliding mechanism. They’re not stable and noisy like those other glass panels with wheels and ball bearings.

Where can Glass Curtains® be installed?

For residential spaces, Glass Curtains® are usually used in balconies and patios. Some larger apartments and condominiums use them as indoor partitions to a larger room into two.

For commercial spaces, Glass Curtains® are a modern solution to adding another layer of
privacy to work meetings and group discussions.

What are the differences between Glass Curtains® and other panel systems?

Glass panel systems are generally confusing to use, but consider Glass Curtains® different!

Due to their ergonomically designed handle, you can open and close them easily, without
needing to bend down or tiptoe.

Another unique thing about them is that they don’t have a turning arm at the top profile that sticks out perpendicularly. This can be difficult to work around with while renovating or designing a room because it’s space-consuming.

When it comes to maintenance, keeping them clean is as simple as wiping them down with a wet cloth, much like how you clean your windows.

Lastly, each Glass Curtains® system is custom-built according to the customer’s preferences and design requirements, and requires a highly skilled tradesman to install them.