Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) Market Business Strategies and Massive Demand by 2027 Market Share | Revenue and Forecast

MarkNtel Advisors has just released a comprehensive research report on the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) Market. Tailored to provide valuable insights and assistance to clients navigating this dynamic market, our report addresses the key objectives of predicting trends, gaining a profound understanding of market perspectives, identifying strategic investment opportunities, and evaluating potential business partners. By adopting a meticulous approach, we aim to empower our clients with the information needed to make informed decisions, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) industry.

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Notable Findings from the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) Market Report for 2022 – 27 involves,

Market Analysis and Insights 

The Global Quick Commerce Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 42% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. Numerous factors backing the market growth have been comprehensively analyzed in the research report, making it feasible for clients to put their best leg forward and ensure they get an edge over competitors. We understand how important data is in this modern world, which is why we have meticulously curated data sheets for each segment of the market.

Potential Opportunities Identified by Our Analysts

The Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) market is highly robust and fragmented. Citing this, we have segregated the market into numerous segments, such as

By Product Type


-Snacks & Beverages

-Bath & Beauty

-Baby Essentials

-Home Care

-Others (Pets, Office Supplies, Healthcare, Alcohol, etc.)

By Region

-North America

-South America


-The Middle East & Africa

-Asia Pacific.

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These segments are further subdivided into various sub-segments. It is done to identify the sub-segment that is more promising and has the highest market share in order to leverage the maximum profit. Knowing beforehand the lucrative segment of the market would make the client stand out in terms of revenue and sales.

Current Landscape of Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) Market

Considering the significance of mergers and partnerships for Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) businesses, our analysts have effectively identified and evaluated potential business partners in the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) market report. As per the report, the key players in the market are 

-Gorillas Technologies GmbH

-Flink SE

-Delivery Hero







-Miss Fresh


-Swiggy Instamart



Our report delves deeper in an attempt to offer actionable insights into prospective partners’ reputability, reliability, and capabilities. Clients can make informed decisions regarding partnerships, ensuring their vision is in line with the partnering entities and fostering business objectives within the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) market.

Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) Market Future Outlook

Taking into account the historical trends, market growth graph, consumer preferences, and other factors, the ascension of the Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) market is inevitable. The market for Global Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) seems opportunistic during the forecast years of 2022-27, backed by favorable regulations, making the market players thrive in the next five years.

Possible Restraint: Lack of Real-time Visibility on Retailer’s In-store Inventory to Hinder the Market Growth

As the Quick Commerce retail space is booming drastically, it also found a gap between third-party retailers & vertically integrated instant-need companies. These instant delivery companies do not have full- & real-time visibility into their retailer’s in-store inventory. Consequently, the customers witnessed out-of-stock problems on most of the food & other grocery items at the time of purchase on the delivery application, hence acting as a challenge for the growth of the Quick Commerce market across the globe.

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