Guide to Sync and Share QuickBooks Files between two Computers

While Company files constitute the nucleus of all accounting operations in QuickBooks, users may feel a need of syncing and sharing them on other systems. One notable aspect to be given due consideration is the correct choice of the installation options on both computers. This comprehensive article encapsulates all the relevant and workable solutions that shall assist users in the process to sync and share QuickBooks between two computers. So, sit back and read this article carefully.

Procedure to Sync QuickBooks Files between two computers

The procedure to sync the QuickBooks files comprises of east steps, which include downloading the Data Transfer Utility. To know more, read the following lines carefully:
  • To start with, the user should download the Data Transfer Utility from Intuit (avoid downloading the same from any third party websites).
  • Subsequent to downloading the tool, the subsequent step requires installing it by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Users should install the tool on the system containing the company files that are to be synced.
  • Now, proceed by copying the Company file(s) from the main computer. Get the same copied onto the other computer. You can share the file over mail, or transfer the same by using an external storage device like an external hard-disk or a pen drive.
  • Once done with the transferring of the company file, the user should run QuickBooks on the secondary system, and then hit on the File tab. The subsequent step requires opting for the Company File upon clicking on Browse.

Using the Data Transfer Tool

  • Download the Data Transfer utility and run the same.
  • Proceed by opting for Export data From the Source Company and then choose the Source Company option.
  • Hit on Yes and following that, allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.
  • Now, choose the option to allow the utility to access personal data.
  • Following that, hit on Continue.
  • Now, click on the Close option in the Data Transfer utility.
  • The next step requires accessing the Data Transfer Tool in the other system, and proceeding to Import Data into Destination Company menu. Therein, opt for the Open Destination Company option.
  • Tap on Continue and for connected devices, the user needs to opt for Close.
  • The next step requires choosing Data Type and the Change options.
  • Follow by advancing to the Import the data option. Thereafter, click on the Import Data option.

Procedure to share QuickBooks files between two computers

It is necessary to turn on the multi-user mode in QuickBooks if the user wants to share the file over a network. The steps below should guide:
  • At first, the user needs to run QuickBooks, and proceed to the File menu.
  • From the various options available in the File tab, the user should opt for Utility option. Therein, click on the Host multi-user mode option.
  • Therein, tap on the Start Scan button.
  • When the process is complete, the user should run QuickBooks in multi-user mode on other system.


In the current discussion, we focused on the ways to sync and share QuickBooks files between two computers. If you face any technical deterrence, just give our QuickBooks desktop technical support experts a call at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.
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