How to Find Success on Instagram in Portugal: Hashtag Strategies That Work

As an entrepreneur looking to expand into new markets, you understand social media’s power to raise brand awareness and engage new customers. In Portugal, Instagram reigns supreme, with over 7 million monthly users and an engagement rate nearly double that of Facebook. It would help if you leveraged the platform’s popular hashtag strategies to tap into this active, image-focused audience. Using the right mix of Portuguese and English hashtags, posting at optimal times, and engaging with influencers, you can succeed on Instagram and reach new audiences in Portugal. With some planning and consistency, Instagram can become your most powerful digital marketing channel in this Western European nation.

The Top 10 Hashtags for Boosting Engagement in Portugal

To boost engagement and reach more potential customers in Portugal, focus on using hashtags that are popular locally. Here are the top 10 hashtags to use:

  1. Portugal – This is the most used hashtag for content related to Portugal. Use it for photos of landscapes, city scenes, food, and cultural elements.
  2. Lisbon – The capital city of Portugal is a significant tourist destination. Use #lisbon for photos taken in Lisbon to reach travelers and locals interested in the city.
  3. Porto – Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto, is also famous on Instagram. Use #porto for photos taken in Porto.
  4. Visit Portugal – For photos promoting tourism in Portugal, use #visitportugal. This helps reach people interested in vacationing and traveling in Portugal.
  5. Travel – As a major travel destination, Portugal is often featured under the giant #travel hashtag. Use it for scenic landscape and cityscape photos to reach travel enthusiasts.
  6. Food – Portuguese cuisine is famous on Instagram. Use #food for photos of traditional Portuguese dishes, wines, coffees, and pastries.
  7. Wanderlust – For inspiring travel photos of Portugal, use #wanderlust to reach people who love to explore the world.
  8. Explore Portugal – This hashtag is great for photos highlighting the diversity of destinations and experiences in Portugal. Use it to motivate people to discover more about the country.
  9. Beautiful Destinations – With stunning beaches, historical sites, architecture, and natural scenery, Portugal qualifies as one of the world’s most # beautiful destinations. Use this hashtag accordingly.
  10. Passion passport – For photos igniting a passion for travel and adventure in Portugal, use #passionpassport. This helps reach people who see travel as a lifestyle.

How to Use Branded Hashtags to Build Your Audience

Implementing a branded hashtag strategy is critical to building your audience and increasing engagement on Instagram in Portugal. Hashtags allow users to find your content and are an easy way to connect with your target audience.

Develop a Primary Branded Hashtag

Choose a hashtag that is unique to your brand and campaign. For example, if your company is called “Açores Adventures,” you could use #AcoresAdventures. Use this hashtag consistently in your posts to increase visibility and connect your content.

Research to find popular hashtags in your industry and location. For travel companies in Portugal, hashtags like #VisitPortugal, #TravelPortugal, or #PortugalTrip are good options. Include a mix of popular hashtags and your branded hashtag in all posts.

Engage with Other Users

Please search for your hashtags and engage with users who post with them by liking and commenting on their photos. Many will reciprocate, increasing your exposure and building new followers. You can also repost user-generated content with your branded hashtag to spread awareness.

Track Your Hashtag Performance

Use analytics tools to track how people are engaging with your hashtags. See which hashtags are the most popular and driving the most traffic. Make adjustments to your hashtag strategy based on performance. With consistent optimization, you can increase traffic and build a loyal Instagram follower.

In summary, implementing a strategic branded hashtag campaign on Instagram effectively allows businesses in Portugal to expand their reach, increase engagement, and build brand loyalty. With the right approach, hashtags can become a valuable tool for success on Instagram.

To gain more visibility for your Instagram account in Portugal, leverage trending hashtags that are popular in the region. Focusing your hashtag strategy on keywords and phrases from top Portuguese influencers and brands will make your content more discoverable to your target audience.


The most apparent hashtag to use is #portugal. This broad hashtag is used on over 47 million posts and signifies your content is related to Portugal. Use #portugal on photos of Portuguese scenery, food, culture, or products.

#lisboa and #porto

Hashtags for Portugal’s major cities, #lisboa and #porto are popular ways to geo-target your posts. If your photo features landmarks, cuisine, or events in Lisbon or Porto, include the relevant city hashtag. These location-based hashtags have 12 million and 5 million posts, respectively.


For stunning travel photos or recommendations of places to see and things to do, use #visitportugal. Portugal’s official tourism board uses this hashtag and has over 2 million posts. Your content may be reposted by @visitportugal, exposing it to their 3 million followers.

#portuguesefood and #gastronomiaportuguesa

Use hashtags like #portuguesefood or #gastronomiaportuguesa to highlight delicious Portuguese cuisine. There are over 1 million posts for each of these food-related hashtags. Share photos of pastéis de nata, bacalhau, francesinha or a fresh seafood cataplana.


Finally, for featuring Portugal’s natural beauty or architecture, use #belezaportuguesa, which translates to “Portuguese beauty.” This hashtag has over 500,000 posts showing off the scenic Algarve coastline, the historic buildings of Sintra, or the colorful azulejo tiles of Portuguese culture.


You can gain real traction on Instagram in Portugal with the correct hashtag strategy and consistency. Focus on using popular Portuguese hashtags, especially location-based ones, to increase your visibility to local audiences. Engage with influencers and followers by liking and commenting on their posts. Build a community by following other users with similar interests and content. As your following grows, promote your account on social media to drive more traffic. By implementing these techniques, creating high-quality content, and posting regularly, you’ll be well on your way to finding success and new opportunities on Instagram in Portugal. You can achieve your goals and build a thriving social media presence with hard work and the right mindset.