Simplifying Deliveries with Shadowfax Tracking: The Future of eCommerce Courier Services

When talking about courier services, we talk about the quality of service as well as its reach across international and domestic markets. Businesses must understand the major aspects of choosing eCommerce courier services. In this article, we will be talking about Shadowfax and Shadowfax tracking services. 

Shadowfax is one of the leading eCommerce courier services that provide excellent support and a reliable work ethic. Its reach is widespread across 150+ countries. They are diligent, and quick, and are well-known for last-mile delivery, cutting-edge logistics and technology! 

Let us understand more about Shadowfax tracking. 

Services provided by Shadowfax

Shadowfax tracking services are considered the best in the industry. It is known to be reliable and accurate while handling the delivery fulfilment process. Listed below are the services provided by Shadowfax:  

eCommerce Services

Forward shipment: Parcel delivery in 15,000+ pin codes in India at the lowest prices.

  • Reverse shipment: Parcel pick-up across India with best-in-class doorstep quality check.
  • Express:  Pan India same-day Intracity delivery service for eCommerce.   

Hyperlocal Service

  •  Market Place: Delivery service for FMCG, pharmaceuticals, grocery & other businesses
  •  Mobile App: On-demand express delivery with pick-up from store to customer
  • Store-based: Lightning-fast & affordable intracity courier delivery service

Advantages of Partnering With Shadowfax 

Reliable reverse logistics

Reverse logistics refers to the situation when for some reason, the package or shipments have to be sent back to the point of origin. To avoid any loss or damage, Shadowfax tracking works excellently in providing these services and fulfilling the process smoothly. 

  • Wide pincode reach

Shadowfax has a wide reach of around 15,000+ pin codes across India and they have a widespread delivery network across the globe. You can ship your packages across India at affordable rates, and a reliable courier partner. You need not worry about scaling your business across India, be it on a larger level or a smaller level. 

  • Cash on Delivery

Shadowfax provides you with a Cash on Delivery service and ensures the timely delivery of your shipments. It has a good reverse logistics service and helps in managing any risks or damage involved with COD services. 

  • Experienced team

Shadowfax tracking services are considered top-notch with an experienced staff. All the members of their team have a good understanding of how the fulfilment process works. Other than that, they also are cautious and delicately handle all the packages, from procurement to delivery.   

How To Use Shadowfax Tracking Services?

Shadowfax’s real-time tracking upgrades and improve delivery transparency. There are several methods for tracking your Shadowfax courier. One of the ways is through the official website.

  • Go to Shadowfax’s official website and look for the “Track Order” button on the right side of the top Menu on the Home Page. 
  • When you click the “Track Order” button, you will be taken to their tracking page. Simply input your tracking number into the form and click the “Track Your Order” button.
  • The system will go through your request and reveal your courier’s current status, including the shipment’s location, transit history, and projected delivery date.

Tracking using NimbusPost

  • Go to your NimbusPost seller panel and log in.
  • Select “Shipments” from the left-hand menu. All of your orders will be listed here.
  • To trace a specific shipment, click “Filters” in the upper right corner, then pick “Lifetime” on the “From Date” option and input your “Order ID” or “AWB No” on the filter option before clicking “Apply.”
  • You can now access all of your shipment’s order data.
  • Then, choose AWB no., and your tracking information will be shown.

Customer Service at Shadowfax

Customer service is critical for every logistics supplier, and Shadowfax is no exception. With a focus on offering great service to both businesses and customers, the organization provides a variety of ways to handle any concerns or queries.

To connect to Shadowfax, you can use the following contact details:

  • For media inquiries, send an email to media@shadowfax.in
  • For eCommerce queries, call +918068172518
  • You can also make use of the contact form or support portal available on their website for resolving any issue or raising a query.  


To stay up with the pace and assure seamless client delivery experiences,

online businesses require a reliable eCommerce courier service. Shadowfax has emerged as a standout option, providing unique and cutting-edge solutions to organizations of all sizes. Businesses may raise their shipping operations to new heights, ensuring delighted and devoted consumers, with their commitment to customer satisfaction.   With NimbusPost’s technological innovations and wide-ranging customized solutions, you can easily track your shipments through Shadowfax.   

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