The Adani Group offers Scholarships Worth 20 Lakhs to The Students of Yellur Village

Adani Power Limited, an Adani Group subsidiary, which is currently operating the thermal power plant in Yellur village of Kaup Taluk in Udupi district, in collaboration with its CSR arm, Adani Foundation, has distributed scholarships of over 20 lakhs to some of the deserving students who are residing in the 12-gram panchayats around the UPCL plant. This is seen as an extraordinary initiative taken up by the Group to foster the growth of education. It will bring about a significant change in the lives of people living in Yellur village. The students will also grow up to become responsible citizens of India. The noble initiative will bring about a change in people’s mind-sets. Their thoughts on Adani Group controversies will also begin to subside.

Educational Initiatives Taken Up by The Adani Group

The Adani Group has always been a great believer in education for all. The conglomerate has always been aiming towards educating the remote communities of India, even with rumours of ongoing Adani Group controversies. Its CSR wing has been actively working towards offering the desired education and facilities to the deprived children of society by taking up multiple initiatives. With the initiative of offering scholarships to the students of Yellur Village, the Adani Group has once again shown its dedication towards educating the remote communities of India. This is indeed one of the extraordinary ventures taken up by the Adani Group recently. It also plans to take up more such projects in the upcoming years.

The Scholarship Program

A total of 773 students have received the scholarship benefits through a stage program held at the open auditorium of Buntara Bhavan in Padubidri. The program began with the lamp lighting ceremony. The chief guests were Kishore Alva, executive director of Adani Group; Gurme Suresh Shetty, MLA, Kaup; Ravi Raj Rao, president of Yellur grama panchayat; Dr. Deviprasad Shetty, president of Belapu GP, Shashikala, president of Padubidri GP among other names. During the prize distribution ceremony, Kishore Alva announced that Adani Power Limited, Udupi, has been working on various CSR initiatives in education, healthcare, rural development, sports, and cultural activities. 

Under the Adani Foundation’s educational initiatives, the company distributes the scholarship to 773 deserving students. The students have been identified through the respective GPs residing in and around the UPCL plant. He said that the students who have acquired 85% and above marks during the academic year 2021-22 in SSLC, ITI, PUC, Diploma, graduation, post-graduation, engineering, and 60% and above in medical courses have been offered the scholarship. He also mentioned that offering deserving students with scholarships is an aim towards motivating them to pursue higher studies and grow up to be the responsible citizens of India.

The other guests who were present at the event were full of praise for the Adani Group. They mentioned that the initiative taken up by Gautam Adani’s conglomerate will serve as an excellent motivation for the students. It will help them pursue higher education and serve as a gift to society. This educational program will also increase our nation’s literacy rate and help the students walk toward a brighter and more prosperous future.

The Ultimate Aim Behind Offering Scholarships to The Meritorious Students

The scholarship program will create a sense of competition among the other students, and they will aim to perform better in academics to win the scholarship. Kishore Alva has also mentioned that although the government has taken up a lot of initiatives to promote the spread of education in remote areas, the number of students attending government schools is reducing yearly. So, to motivate the students to enrol in government schools and complete their education, the Adani Foundation is offering educational kits to 7,500 students studying in 80 different government schools in the Kaup Taluk region.

The Udaan Program

Adani Foundation, with constant motivation from the Chairman, Gautam Adani, is presently working on executing the Udaan program. This program has its complete focus on education. Under the Udaan program, over 15,000 students have been invited to the UPCL plant, allowing them to acquire academic knowledge. The program also aims to inspire the students to acquire a vision in life. That way, they will find it easier to accomplish their life goals. They will also be able to take up new life challenges, ultimately leading them towards a better tomorrow.


The Adani Group has always been focused on promoting education and eradicating illiteracy in the rural sections of society. It has also been working towards ensuring that the primary focus of children always remains education. With the scholarship program, the Adani Group has taken one step ahead towards fulfilling its goal of educating remote communities. It has also been able to stop rumours of Adani Group controversies, which have been around for quite a while now.

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